B & B Pygmies

Goose Meadow Fenley

Sire: PGCH Goose Meadow Braden

Dam: PGCH Goose Meadow April+

Goose Meadow Parker-Lu

              -2x Grand Champion

Sire: PGCH Whirlwind Farms Royal Signature 

Dam: Possum Hollow Luci-Lu+.................................


Our Senior Does

Whirlwind Farms Extreme Definition

            -1x Grand Champion

Sire: Whirlwind Farms Absolute Extreme

Dam: PGCH Whirlwind Farms Defined by Merlin+

Shiloh Acres RM Marlee


                          -1x Grand Champion     


Sire: Woods Edge Farm Trooper

Dam: Springwater Farms Babuska

Spring Vale's Rock-N-Eve

                         -1x Reserve Grand Champion

Sire: Spring Vale's Red Rock

Dam: Spring Vale's Keepsake

Doodlebug Farms Rosemary

Sire: Pint Size Snicker Bar

Dam: Newton Farms Saltine Detail

Caliche Corral Top Ruffles

Sire: PGCH Caliche Corral Top Wall

Dam: Caliche Corral Royal Twist

Aribba Acres Final Finese

Sire: PGCH Aribba Acres Valentino

Dam: Jachin Valley Priscilla's Promise

Caliche Corral Top 2 Cagney

Sire: PGCH Caliche Corral Top Wall 

Dam: PGCH Caliche Corral Double Hot

B&B Pygmies Domunique

-2x Youth Show Grand Champion

Sire: MCH PGCH Country Farms Dominating Performance

Dam: Beech Creek Elite Rosa Parks

B&B Pygmies Eveline

-1x Reserve Grand Champion

Sire: MCH PGCH Country Farms Dominating Performance

Dam: Spring Vale's Rock-N-Eve+

Dan-Ani Athena

Sire: PGCH Ash-Ana Acres Achilles 

Dam: Dan-Ani Sophia

B&B Pygmies Viva Las Vegas

Sire: Old Orchard Elijah

Dam: B&B Pygmies Miracle

No Picture Available 

Broken Rock Farms Danika

Sire: Burntwood Farms Creed

Dam: Smokey Road Aurora

Rolling Meadows Fallon

Sire: PGCH Spring Water Farms Finn

Dam: Dream Catcher Zoya

Country Critters a Cowgirls Miracle

Sire: PGCH Country Critters Taylor Made Design

Dam: Country Critters Lovatexascowgirl

Listed from oldest to youngest

Updated: 4/13/18t.

Lynch's Thunder Valley Kristen

Sire: B-S Acres Valiant 

Dam: PGCH Lynch's Thunder Valley Katrina

Saje Acres Mo' Ryia

                         -1x Grand Champion

Sire: Ash-Ana Acres Heaven Scent

Dam: Little O' Farm Mo' Zariah

Country Critters Now You See Me


Sire: PGCH Corrals Lil' Critters Forester

Dam: Country Critters Bag of Trix

Echo Springs Pippa


Sire: Echo Springs Tyson

Dam: PGCH Echo Springs Gwen+

Polk Springs Carly

Sire: Natl' MCH PGCH C & C Kid's Little Legend Legacy

Dam: Echo Springs Primrose